About Me

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Welcome to my page!

First off, thank you so much for taking the time and showing interest in my work. Here you will read a little about myself. I want you to know who I am and how my journey took me to where I am today.

I was born and raised in Pasco, Wa. I'm twenty-seven years old and happily married to my high school sweetheart. We became parents at a very young age, which  drove me to become more successful. During my junior & senior year I attended tri-tech, which is a program thru high school that allows students to attend beauty school and gain credits towards their cosmetology license. I graduated high school expecting my first born, as well as needing to take my state test to begin my career as a hairstylist. Trust me, it was a struggle. It may sound like I had it all planned out, but with lots of support, tears, sweat, hardwork and most importantly passion I overcame lots of obstacles and finally received my cosmetology license in 2008.

I began at Northwest Beauty, a local salon as a full time stylist. It was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and begin my career.  Shortly after a year had passed, I then decided it was time to make a change and begin at Studio One Salon. 

I grew up learning the business at Studio One. What do I mean by that, well lets take it back to my high school days. I began as a salon receptionist with the desire to learn more about the industry. I've learned so much working along side so many great stylists, but I wanted to be able to offer more services to my clients. I then grew an interest to expand my skills in the makeup industry. I was employed with Lancome Cosmetics for a few years and then decided to freelance with MAC Cosmetics.  

After a few years, I decided to build myself even more by becoming full-time at Studio One Salon. Its always been my priority to continue to grow. I love to keep up with the latest trends and to always stay educated by taking master classes. 

I love the world of beauty, and everything in between, from working with people, to socializing and making others see the beauty in themselves. I have been a professional hair and makeup artist for over 10 years now and I am so thankful to have a career that I love so much. I've gone through many challenges to get to where I am today and I don't regret it, for they have shaped me to become who I am today. Rest assured when you book with me, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable and appreciated because you are in the best of hands. 





Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.